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Facing the unknown, all to be had his questions.

Undoubtedly, we share the same


The attorney Florence Bernstein has just convinced a young man, Simon, not to remain stretched out on the rails of the wharf number five. Shocked, disable, he accepts to follow it until her home.

In the hope to laugh again, these two lost and lone beings are going to benefit of the time suspended of the night to deliver itself/themselves one to the other, to tempt to dress their wounds, to exchange on their life, their past, until the discovery extraordinary of a public interest : Stavanger, port city of Norway.

One would wonder about this coincidence in one ordinary night. But they live an ordinary night... ?


text Oliver Sourisse
directed by Quentin Defalt
with Sylvia Roux (Florence Bernstein) et Thomas Lempire (Simon)

collaboration artistique Alice Faure
scenography Agnès de Palmaert
light Olivier Oudiou
creation aural Ludovic Champagne
costumes Mine Barral-Vergez
press Vincent Dumont
diffusion Sabine Desternes (Courants d’Art Productions)


The text of Stavanger is published to the editions Librairie Théâtrale


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