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Sequestered by his parents, since his childhood, in a space reduces to the strict minimum, it is not the madness nor a necessity of recognition that animate The Captive, but altogether the desire to reach the maturity of the mind. Only possible way for his payment under subscription, as well as the one of a certain Cléo-Clara, causing the questionnement of his gender..


text Oliver Sourisse
directed by Frédéric Fage
with Hugo Miard (Cléo, Clara et Le Captif)

scenography Frédéric Fage
light Olivier Oudiou
creation aural Aymeric Lepage

photograph Antonin Godfryd
makeup Léa Djelloul

Trailer La Cabane aux Fées
press and diffusion Marie-Paule Anfosso (www.mariepauleanfosso.fr/)


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