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1967: Birth in Nantes.


1974 - 1980: With his imaginary, he short-circuits the school training. Creating the worlds of which he makes kings thus and/or unbelieving the ordinary people met on his path of child of workers. On ephemeral rolls, tablecloths made of paper, he crunches their pains, becomes cartographer.

1985 : He passes a CAPA of floriculteur. The organic substrate replaces the one of the record. A page turns. Nevertheless, he sharpens his sense of the observation.

1985 : He makes his army in Nancy. Of this time, he retained his affection for the cities of the North and the East. This period is auspicious to his critique on the cooperative supply store of men and women, but also of cash in all gender. One will discover him a stern dyslexia. He understands the error of evaluation of his teachers then. What will explain his lack of legitimacy moreover as author.

1987 – 1989 : He leaves to live in England. Paradoxically, that brings it closer of the language French, the one of Rimbaud more especially. To earn his life, he takes gardener's profession in the reserve natural of Hangisbury Head. During the winter, he integrates a team of the city of Bournemouth. He retains a comical memory of his experience in a Spanish convent.

1990 - 1995: Back in France, he becomes agent of surveillance. He is going to benefit of nights to start writing again. Poems and news have its preferences.

1995: He passes the DAEU diploma.

From Nantes to the Haute-Savoie

1998 - 2003: Under the form of association, he created the label of music Lemon Shark Music Company and Squaly FM (first Webradio having signed a contract with the Sacem). He writes his first songs. His album Eryomis Invasion evokes the oriental sonorités through the trance-music. Cry in silence is played in several discos of London.

2003. 2010: In parallel of his postman's profession, he created with Laurent Bouvard the park Tropicaland animalier. He will draw the contours and the alleys of it. Achieving his dream to become cartographer. It is the beginning of an intensive record. He writes his first manuscript, non published, whose bond is" Sous la mer coule l’espoir ". He considers it like his laboratory.

From the Haute-Savoie to Paris

2011: It is the year of the big alterations. Since April, he leaves the Haute-Savoie to get settled in Paris. His passion of the actors brings it to write his first plays. For Laetitia Slescka, he writes Itinéraire d’une comédienne ratée. In the stride, he writes Le Poteau and Les rois Gobemarrons. His screenplay feature film Immersion mortelle is a finalist at Diaphana (film Production).

2012: He writes the plays: Éva, Greenwood, Les tourmentés, Veau trinité and Iyoden.

2013: He writes Averse noire, L’attente, Les amants du champ de mines, Les tourmentées, (feminine form) Anna Godhar and Le Captif. Véronique Samakh puts in reading the piece Le Poteau, in the Sacd.

2014: He writes La prophétie du silence, Les âmes furieuses, Sortis de terre, Cosmos paradise. Anna Godhar is played the MJC of Monnistrol.

2016: François Kergourlay puts in Reading Veau trinité, in the Studio Hébertot, February 12, 2016, in Paris. For Sonia Floire, he writes" La maison des possibles ". For Anthony Roullier" Marvel, l’indomptable".

2016: He writes his novel Cortèges. Itrana editions. His play Stavanger is created in the Studio Hébertot. She played to the Festival of Avignon. Directed by Quentin Defalt. With Sylvia Roux and Thomas Lempire. Stavanger is published to the Editions The Theatrical Bookstore. He goes in the agency of Christelle Durand, Didascalies Spectacles. Averse noire and Veau trinité are published at Itrana.

2017: Stavanger is played the Studio Hébertot. His monologue "Le Captif is played to the Festival of Avignon. Directed by Frédéric Fage. With Hugo Miard. And in Paris, to La Manufacture des Abbesses. He rewrites Le Poteau for his edition at Itrana.

Cortèges is selected for the 5th Price of the Brush of the discovery 1st novel 2017

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